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I really miss this place and hope that some Gemma fans are willing to get excited with me for this next year of Gemma films. We will run a round this month (I will get themes situated) and after the New Year we will have an official start to normal rounds. Since this is a busy time of the year, the entire month of December is free game for this new round. I will have details up very soon!

Glad to be back (and hopefully you are too.)
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Thank you so sofia_gray and latemorningicon for entering Round 18 this month. Unfortunately due to the low entries there will be no voting for this round. I wish we could have had more entries in, but that happens sometimes so no worries. Thanks to those who let me know beforehand that they weren't going to be able to enter. The heads up was appreciated.

I think for the time being here at garterton20in20, we'll be on a hiatus. The entry count has been low as of late and I will be available less and less the rest of the year. If you are still interested in a 20in20 that I still run without hiatus (as of now), check out knightley20in20- sign ups for the new round are up!

Again, thanks to the members here! See you around when we get back up.

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